Steve Stajich – Pauls Lullabye chords

G    Asus    A    D

[Verse 1]
G A DHey now sailor it's time to board your ship
G A DThe night is fallen and it's time to take your trip
Bm G DAs the boat begins the rock, leave your mamma at the dock
G Em AYou can't stay on course with her yellin' in your ear.
[Verse 2]
G A DOut to sea now we check the northern star
G A DSailin' round the world but not really goin' far
Bm G DThrough the lemonade sea, and round the gumdrop tree
G Em ACareful now as we round the ice cream reef
[Verse 3]
G A DThere's a pirate ship headed down this way
G A DI'll take the wheel as you hold them all at bay
Bm G DThe captain never cries and no one really dies
G Em AThey just disappear as you swing your mighty blade
[Verse 4]
G A DBut the sun is risin' it's time to head for home
G A DBeen out all night and no one ever knows
Bm G DAs the sails come slidin' down the crew heads into town
G Em ABut you know that your first mate is standing by
DSingin' Paul's lullaby
[Outro] G Asus A D
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