Stormfolk – Unraveling chords


[Verse 1]
C G AmWe were young and dumb in our ways
C G AmLaid around and lost our days
F G Am GBut the day it came we were in the rain
F G CBut we have this love always
[Chorus 1]
Am F CPride is cancer and it grows just like a sickness
Am FAnd we don't see it against the world
CAnd all it's wickedness
F GBut what we see is of the world
Am G/BAnd I wouldn't trade it in the storm
F GWe weather on the ship^ we're on
C G/B AmIn our helplessness
[Interlude 1] C G/B Am [Verse 2]
C G AmThere was a time I had a heart left in the rain
CThere was a time I couldn't see
G AmWhat all was happening
F G AmBut I found I put my faith in something more
GThan just the rain
F G CI had my light I had^ my lamp I had everything
[Chorus 2]
Am FWe stumble on this path we're on,
CIt's our broken dream
Am FWe paint the beauty of our storm
COn blank canvases
F GWe tell stories of our future
Am GOf our children unsurpassed
F G C/EIt will last we know^ it has to it's all happening (Ah)
[Interlude 2]
F CAh ah ahhh
C/E F CAh ah ahhh
Am F CAh ^ah ahhh
C/E F C CAh ah ahhh
[Chorus 3]
Am FI won't be late to tell the love
CI love she's everything
Am FShe's even wilder than twenty diamonds
CIn a perfect ring
F GAnd only she can make me sing
Am G/BAs if I'd never sing again
F GI don't know why I can't believe
C/EWhat she sees in me
[Interlude 3]
F Fm C GI’m so happy
Am F Fm C/E Fm Fm5Oh wait wait
[Chorus 4]
AmDon't tell me lightning
F CHit this field that we're in
Am FDon't tell me all of this^ is gone^
CIt wasn’t^ happening
F GI lift my eyes and hear a tone
Am G/BNot wedding bells but just my phone
F GI looked around and soon^ found out
CIt was just a dream
[Instrumental 1] G/B AmWhoa-oh-oh - oh
Am C/E FWhoa-oh - oh
C GWhoa-oh-oh - oh
[Instrumental 2]C G/B AmWhoa-oh-oh - oh
Am C/E FWhoa-oh - oh
C GWhoa-oh-oh - oh
[Instrumental 3]C G/B AmWhoa-oh-oh - oh
Am C/E FWhoa-oh - oh
C GWhoa-oh-oh - oh
[Instrumental 4]C G/B AmWhoa-oh-oh - oh
Am C/E FWhoa-oh - oh
C G GWhoa-oh-oh - oh
[Chorus 5]
Am FThere was a flicker of a sound
CFrom not too far
AmIt had a voice that turned my
F CMourning into morning song
F GI looked at her and she came to me
Am G/BIt wasn't just a dream
F GIt was our life at twenty-three
CIt's all happening
F G CIt wasn't lost, it's only love just unraveling
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