Summit Sounds – Gaze Of The One Live chords

[Verse 1]
G A D/F# BmI want to be a living flame upon this earth for you
G A D/F# BmLet me be a voice that cries out for those to be free
G A D/F# BmSo God would you move me from what falls to what flows from you
G A BmBrand in me a seal up my heart
D A GI Never want to loose the gaze of the one
D A GWho keeps me on fire and alive in this life
D A Bm G AI will pursue with every breath this flame
[Bridge 1]
Bm GI wanna be burning bush for those with unbelief
D A BmA city high upon a hill set ablaze for you
G Dwith same the spirit that raised Christ from the dead inside
AWe'll shake the ground with this one cry
D GHoly One, Glory come
Bm AMagnified, Lifted high
D/F# GMay the Lamb that was slain
Bm AmRecieve the reward of His suffering
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