Sunfall Festival – I Walked Away chords

[Intro] C FMaj7e|-----3--3-----0--0----------------------------------------------|B|----1---1----1----1---1p0h1p0---1p0h1p0---1p0h1p0---1p0h1p0-----|G|---0----0---2------0------------------------------------------0-|D|--2-----2--3----3------------0h2-------0h2-------0h2-------0h2--|A|-3------3-------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------------|
[Verse 1]
CI walked away
C FMaj7I walked away with love in my hands
N.C.You walked away
N.C.You walked away with a bag on your back
CI stood aside
C FMaj7I stood aside with you on my mind
N.C.You stood aside
BYou stood aside with a pain in your side
N.C. What do you want now?
[Verse 2]
CI settled in
C FMaj7I settled in to what feels best
N.C. You settled in
N.C. You settled in to take your test
CKnew it wasn't right
C FMaj7It wasn't right and it hurts to breathe
N.C. It wasn't right
N.C. It wasn't right and you want to leave
BBut it's all worth cheating
N.C. It's all worth cheating
[Guitar Solo] [Verse 3]
CI made a mess
C FMaj7I made a mess to make you impressed
N.C. I do suggest
N.C. I do suggest it's all for the best
CI couldn't be right
C FMaj7I couldn't be wrong and I couldn't think at all
N.C. I can't believe
N.C. I can't believe i'd be what you'd want
N.C.But it's all worth cheating,
N.C.It's all worth cheating
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