Sunset Rollercoaster – Vanilla chords


Fsus4 FVanilla,
F BbFirst time I met you in America,
CYou showed me the way to your lonely Mars,
Bb FWhere I tumbled down, where I fall apart,
Fsus4 FWould you let me call your name, Vanilla,
BbLater you moved to Venezuela,
CMorphing to flowers blossom in the park,
Bb FI begged the sun for keeping you unharmed,
Fmaj7Would you let me climb on your stems,
F7And pick up all your gems,
Bb AmI’ll seed it in the sand,
Gm C C7 Could be November, you’ll understand,
Bb FNext time we meet won’t be too long await
Fsus4 FVanilla,
BbAre you flying alone to Florida?
Gm C Storms on the radar, It’s raining hard tonight,
Bb FI’ll be the shelter in your abandoned yard,
Fsus4 FIt’s last time I call your name, Vanilla,
F/E Dm C#m CmI was the pilot of the shooting star,
FI’ve been to places,
Bb Am Gm Now on your lonely Mars,
CWeaving villa in the dark
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