Skating chords with lyrics by Swim Rest - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Swim Rest – Skating chords

[Verse 1]
Abmaj7 Fm7On my mind
Sit out in the car n' cry
Ebmaj7 Cm7Waste my time
Don't you ever wonder why
Abmaj7 Fm7We're not fine?
Foggy morning after-glow
Ebmaj7 Cm7Panicked lime
Static on the radio
Abma7 Fm7Play your part
Don't you ever let me down
Ebmaj7 Cm7Eat my heart
Prolly goin' down for down
Abmaj7 Fm7Frozen ground
I'll be in the lost and
Ebmaj7 Cm7Found, found, found, found, found
[Verse 2]
Abmaj7 Fm7I wanted to
Shoot you down
Ebmaj7Well you move on and I'll move slow
Cm7I'll try to keep control
I'll try to keep control
Abmaj7Never think about
Fm7Goddamn dying when I'm floating on the ice
Ebmaj7I never think about the sun when I'm floating through the night
Cm7I never think about you and I'm feeling alright
[Verse 3]
Abmaj7 Fm7I want to know
Do you think the ice will hold?
Ebmaj7 Cm7Spell your name
Feet prolly sees the snow
Abmaj7 Fm7Feeling cattails dying in the
Ebmaj7 Cm7Cold... oh
[Outro] Fade out with different variation of these chords Abmaj7 Fm7 Ebmaj7 Cm7 Ebmaj7 F7 Bb Cm7
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