Switch – Love Me Over And Over Again chords

G F#m B7 Em7 Ohh… Mmmm - You know it seems so hard to find real love
Dm7 G7 CMaj7A love that is soft and warm - You know there aren't many things in life
G/B Em7That I can hold on to because I've been let down so many times
Am7 Bm7 CMaj7 C#dim D7sus4 But I found a real joy in knowing you
[Verse 1]
GMaj7 F#m7 B7You brighten up my life
Em7 Dm7Ahh you're the key girl to my world
G7 CMaj7 Bm7 Em7Let me tell you: There is no greater love
Am7 D7sus4What you have shown me girl drives me wild
GMaj7 F#m7 B7And I know I'll give you all my love
Em7 Dm7All that I've built up deep inside
G7 CMaj7 G/B Em7I've been waiting for someone just like you
Am7 Bm7 CMaj7 C#dim D7sus4Someone who's warm and sweet and kind and have these qualities you have to me
GWhy don't you love me, (It's no mystery)
D/F#Love me (Your love holds the key)
Em7Love me (To bring out the best in me)
Bm7 CMaj7 D7sus4Looooove me (Love me) over and over and over agaaaaain
[Verse 2]
GMaj7 F#m7 B7You got that certain style
Em7 Dm7Ahh you can move me with your smile
G7 CMaj7 Bm7 Em7Let me tell you: love me in a special way
Am7 D7sus4No one else can compare with all your love and care
GMaj7 F#m7 B7You make me feel brand new
Em7 Dm7I'm not the same man as before
G7 CMaj7 G/B Em7I am certain now that I’ll keep coming
Am7 Bm7 CMaj7 C#dimThat you are more than the one I adore you're the one
D7sus4I'm looking for your love sweet love
GWhy don't you love me, ahh love?
D/F#Love me ooh love me love me
Em7Love me
Bm7 CMaj7 D7sus4Love me over and over and over and over again
GOoh love - Love me, Love me, Love me, Love me,
D/F#Love me, Love me, love me
Em7 Bm7Loovve love me love me love me
CMaj7 D7sus4Yeahh Love me over and over and over and over again
REPEAT [Chorus] and fade...
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