Syd Matters – Cloudflakes chords


C D G Em  x2


C                        G

Sitting in the big black oven

Em                     F#

What a clever place to hide

        B7        C

With my eyes wide open

   Am                B7

My face is a flaming pie


C                 G

Bare-naked in the kitchen

    Em                F#

And everyone sleeping tight

    B7            C

The clock goes to seven

  Am                     B7

I dance but I don't know why


Em                  G

I'm standing in the schoolyard

C                         B7

Waiting for my teacher to come

    Am           Em

She looks gently downward

    Cdim7               B7

And picks me up in the sun



Em G C B7

Am Em Cdim7 B7


C           G

I'm chewing cloudflakes

Em          F#

I'm falling apart

B7          C

One with my mind tapes

Am         B7

One for my heart


C          G

I'm making mistakes

Em                F#

When I'm counting stars

B7           C

One when the light brakes

Am         B7

One in the dark


Em                  G

I'm standing in the shelter

C                        B7

Waiting for my mother to come

     Am        Em

She left me in winter

           Cdim7             B7

And she'll pick me up in the fall



C D G Em  x4


Cm           Em

The ocean is friendly

Em           F#

The ocean is mine

B7           C

Caught in my bathtub

      Am       B7

With a fishing line


C                             G

Little fishes swimming in the shallows

Em                       F#

Little fishes driving me mad

B7                 C

Two more fishes to swallow

       Am             B7

So they cannot eat me back

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