T Rex – All Alone chords


[Verse 1]
C Em/B AmAll alone I sit at home with my chrome guitar
F G CEven Michael Mouse he has a house with someone there
C Em/B AmYou handsome bitch, you movie twitch and seranade
F G C Em CThe dudes that move and smile so vile and masquerade, they masquerade
[Verse 2]
C Em/B AmAn adjacent kid with a Jamacian lid and switch-blade knife
F G CSteals the truth from your golden tooth then turns you in
C Em/B AmSo, you hold hands tight on a marble night and may be dismissed
F G C Em CBut know that Zeus is never loose with his Grecian kiss, his Grecian kiss
[Sax Solo] C Em/B Am F G C C Em/B Am F G C Em C [Verse 3]
C Em/B AmFiery skies in children eyes fade into youth
F G CBleeding blood and tears on all the ears, that heard your gold
C Em/B AmSo, you walk the dog and you stroll the fog on a dome sky earth
F G C Em CAnd lie too hard Is an English bard, you better hide your tracks, better watch your mind. yeah
CDo it to me baby, now
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