Take No Glory – Wake Me Up chords

Wake Me Up(A) Copyright • Take No Glory 2007
This chords and lyrics is not my own work, but the musicianaries itself.
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Verse 1
F#m E D ESuddenly I wake from a dream just to realize I’m in this place
F#m E D EAll this sleeping’s hurting my brain, my heart, my soul
F#m E D EYou had come to visit me to warn against complacency
F#m E D EYou’re alive when I’m awake, You make me full
Pre-Chorus 1
D D/C# D Bm7Don’t wanna sleep this life away just want to work it out
D D/C# D Bm7This beautiful gift You’ve given me with fear and trembling
F#m E DWake me up, let me live, breathe Your life into me
E F#m E DRevive this dead body walking, pour Your Spirit into me
E F#m E DTake away this deception that has lulled me to sleep
E F#m E D EWake me up, let me live
Verse 2 Suddenly I open my eyes just to see I’m buried deep Right beneath all of these lies, my life’s on hold Pre-Chorus 2 Don’t wanna waste this time I have, just wanna make it count I’m giving back this life to You with fear and trembling Bridge
D E F#m A A/G#-A DI can’t do this on my own, I need Your help alone
E F#m A A/G#-A DSo why don’t You just jump inside me and live this life for me
E F#m A A/G#-A DWith nothing to offer You, I need You to pull me through
E F#m A A/G#-A D EAll I have is my availability, so here I am!!
Interlude F#m E D E (2x) Bm7 second time www.takenoglory.com
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