Take That – A Million Love Songs chords

A Million Love Songs- Take That

C - 032010
Dm - 000231
Dm7 - 000211
Em - 022000
Am - 002210

CPut your head against my life
DmWhat do you hear?
GA million words just trying to make
Dm7 C The love song of the year
Verse 2:
CClose your eyes but don't forget
DmWhat you have heard
GA man who's trying to say three words
Dm7 C The words that make me scared
C Dm Dm7A million love songs later
G C EmHere I am trying to tell you
Em A7 That I care
Dm A million love songs later
G C C Am Dm GHere I am
Verse 3: Looking to the future now This is what I see A million chances pass me by A million chances to hold you Verse 4: Take me back, take me back To where I used to be And hide away from all my truths Through the light I see CHORUS x2
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