Takida - Handlake Village tab version 1

Takida - Handlake Village

Tabbed by Jonas (jonis123@hotmail.com)


VERSE (play same riff as the Intro)
e------------------------------------|B-----------2-0-------------2-0------|G---3-3-3-3-----3---3-3-3-3-----3----|D-4---------------4------------------|A------------------------------------|D------------------------------------|Repeat until Chorus
Lyrics on Verse: It´s been a long time for that I owe you now, I miss your heart I miss your lonely eyes I want to come back for more, I want to take care of my memories, welcome me toninght / been tragedies and hard times, there´s been luck and real good times, the magic spellbind CHORUS Chords used:
F# C# B D#5 C#5e--2-----4-----2------------------------|B--2-----6-----4------------------------|G--3-----6-----4-----8-----6------------|D--4-----6-----4-----8-----6------------|A--4-----4-----2-----6-----4------------|D--2-----4-----2---- -------------------|
CHORUS The store is not open, trees have fallen but you still giving light to me / F# C# B D#5 C#5 The pride is not broken, is still lingers on the fight, the flight´s already F# C# B D# won, you´ll see... C#5 Lyrics after the first chorus: //Without any doubt// Nature´s splendor still there, the water runs with a hope of new the children begins to laugh/ My mother taught me to cry, my family gave me a better the soil bound us togeather // Looking at a photograph, the hans starts shaking, tears falling so fast / I will not get over that, the mainstay has fallen, she passed away... For comments contact me at jonis123@hotmail.com
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