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Talking Heads – Thank You For Sending Me An Angel tab

Keep in mind that the below is tablature for how I would play the song.  This  tablature 
the song.  If you don't agree with it, feel free to play around w/ it and see what 
for you.

Talking Heads - Thank You for Sending Me an Angel

F C G Oh, Oh, baby you can walk, you can talk just like me You can walk, you can talk just like me. You can look, tell me what you see. You can look, you won't see nothing like me if you look around the world. Oh, baby you can walk, you can talk just like me. With a little practive, you can walk like, talk just like me. If that's what you wanna do. Well, you can look, you'll walk in circles around me. But first, I'll walk in circles 'round you. But first, I'll walk around the world.
In the background, a guitar is picking extremely fast. Kinda sounds like this:e------------------------2/4--4/6--6/8--8/10--10/12--12/14--14/15-|B--3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3------------------------------------------|G-----------------------------------------------------------------|D-----------------------------------------------------------------|A-----------------------------------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------------------------------|
continue with same F-C-G progression Tabbed by Dan Mooney 2006
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