Tallest Man On Earth – Honey Wont You Let Me In chords

Intro: Esus2sus4-E-Asus2-Esus2sus4-E-Am/C

You can repeat the intro between verses.

C#m ANow the snow will fall and the lover's call
E BWill be drenched out by the shatterin' of birds
C#m AAs the seasons shift, lonely minds will drift
E BOn the ocean in a build above its lore
C#m AAs I knock your door from inside once more
E BHow I wish a sudden breeze would let me in
C#m AShake my tambourine at your glowing dreams
E B ESo honey won't you let me in, oh
C#m AAs we cease to know where our feet will go
E BWe won't see the ribbons tied up in the pines
C#m ABranches will untie every mumblin' lie
E BEvery frailed word in your lullaby is heard
C#m AOh when I catch the force of our first divorce
E BHow I wish the turning suset could record
C#m ABlow my engine steam at your glowin' dreams
E B ESo honey won't you let me in, oh
C#m ANow the dust will rise, dress the open skies
E BJust a gallery of words we've used too much
C#m AIt's a feathers weight but what if it's too late
E BTo be building up our muscles in distract
C#m APut me on the mornin' ship and I will take the trip
E BTo return with all the treasures of the past
C#m AIt will always seem like a glowin' dream
E B ESo honey won't you let me in
E B EI said honey won't you let me in, oh
Esus2sus4:024200 E:022100 Asus2:x02200 Am/C:x322xx C#m:x46654 A:x02220 B:x2444x
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