Tallest Man On Earth – To Just Grow Away chords

Chords by André Lindberg

Great song from his new album. Understood a lot of people couldn't play it so i've 
written the chords down for you. Standard Tuning. Album version has a capo on 7 
and is tuned a little low.

This is the major adaptations of the chords he uses. Numbers will be after 
relevant chords below to indicate a play. Other than this he basically just pulls 
of and hammers some random notes. You'll feel it.

(1)C-major, D-string, -2-3-2-0
(2)C-Major, D-string, -2-3-2-0-2-0
(3)G-major, A-string, -2-3-2


C (1) x2
C(1) - Am7 - F - C(2) - Am7 - F - G (3) 

C (1) Am7We're melting ruby hearts
F C (2)A confusing trade
Am7To burn the ore
F G (3)To shape a blade
C (1) Am7Then to swing it low
F C (2)Beginners fate
Am7To lose a skin
F G (3)To just grow away
F C Like a rain, to help a river
G F G But a river's so hard to please
Em FBut I've grown to see the diamonds
GYou've thrown in just for me
We spent so many nights Just gathering stones The silver tears Old sapphire bones All the copper leaves Then dreamt, now true Look how they find their path To cut right through Like a rain, to help a river But a river so hard to please But I've grown to see the diamonds You've thrown in just for me Look when your hopeless child will figure There are moments when hope's not Only real when flagging far down a road With an armful broken arrows And no hand free for the bow Your kid will lose a battle But your ways Will let him go I lose my wish to drown And aimless flee What you've thrown to lose Is still right here with me
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