Tamarack - Huntsville Fire tab

The Huntsville Fire by Tamarack
From: Leaving Inverarden

Intro: Em

Well, April 1894
Out behind May's hardware store
Em                                                G                                                  
Burning a little garbage in an old coal oil barrel
Southeast wind...
Em                                       G
Soon the whole of Huntsville is in peril

Verses are the same throughout.

From the banks of the Muskoka
    D                                             Em                              C
We watched as the smoke and the flames laid Huntsville low
         G                                      D
If you took all the tears that we shed on that pier
                       Em                                        C
You'd think we could've put that fire out but no
            G                                  D                G
We just stood and watched that little town go.

                       C           Em       C        G
You know that fire can tear a town apart
                       C           Em       C        D
Don't let that fire break Huntsville's heart

Interlude: Em  C

Then a last chorus finishes it off.
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