Tame Impala – Past Life chords

Ebmaj7 F Dm7
Ebmaj7 F Dm7

Ebmaj7 F Dm7 e|----3-1-----------3-1--------------------1-------------3--------------------|B|--------4p3h4---------4p3h4-1------1-3h4---------1-3h4----------------------|G|--------------3----------------2h3-----------2h3----------------------------|D|--1-------------1------------3-------------3--------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Ebmaj7 F Dm7 e|----3-1---------3-1------------------1-------------3------------------------|B|--------4p3---------4p3-1------1-3h4---------1-3h4--------------------------|G|------------3--------------2h3-----------2h3--------------------------------|D|--1-----------1----------3-------------3------------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Ebmaj7 I was picking up a suit from the dry cleaners
F Dm7Which was standard for me, Thursday, 12:30,
Ebmaj7I got a pretty solid routine these days
F Dm7I don't know, it just works for me
Ebmaj7 FAnyway, I was leaving I was getting in my car
Dm7And I went to adjust the rearview mirror
Ebmaj7 Fbut in its reflection...just for a second...I saw a figure...started to trigger
FMemories of what I had learned...stopped me in my tracks
FWho was that? it was my lover...my lover from a past life
Ebmaj7 F Dm7From a past life (feel like I saw a ghost)
Ebmaj7 F Dm7From a past life (so unexpected)
Ebmaj7 F Dm7From a past life (I was transfixed)
Ebmaj7 F From a past life
Ebmaj7 FWell, somewhere between a lover and a friend
It was different back then
Ebmaj7 F Dm7 Ebmaj7Surreal, poetic so I'd say, like a bizarre chick flick with a confusing end
F But I shut it down, closed it off
FThe sounds and smells I made myself forget
F CA cheap solution to block out a friend, but it was real
Dm7It just feels like a past life
Ebmaj7 F Dm7From a past life (crazy)
Ebmaj7 F Dm7From a past life (it takes a lot to trip me out)I know you ???
Ebmaj7 F Dm7For the first time
Ebmaj7 F Dm7In a long time (I know you ???)
Cm7 Dm7 So I go about my day as normal
Cm7but I can't seem to pass it off as just a random event
Dm7It consumes me
Cm7I thought I was moving on but I guess I was just switching off
Dm7 And now I see my life as the banal slog it instantly became
Ebmaj7And I don't know if I can go on the same
Bb FBut I don't wanna dig up old bones
Bb FI mean, I don't even know if she has the same phone number
Cm7 Dm7Who knows? Maybe she does
Ebmaj7 F Dm7From a past life (I guess there's no harm in trying)
Ebmaj7 F Dm7From a past life (What's the worst that could happen?)
Ebmaj7 F Dm7For the first time
Ebmaj7 F In a long time (I tried to say it but it never came out right)
Ebmaj7 F Dm7Past life
Ebmaj7 F Dm7From a past life (you're not a stranger if you're always on my mind)
Ebmaj7 F Dm7For the first time (I know it's late, it just didn't feel right)
Ebmaj7 F Dm7In a long time
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