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Tammany Hall Nyc – Someone tab

Here are some corrections to the existing version, adding the intro.

Tammany Hall NYC - Someone

G*: E|-------------------------| B|-------------------------| G|-----2h4-2-0-2-2-2h4-2-0-| D|-----0---0-0-0-0-0---0-0-| A|-2-2---------------------| e|-3-3---------------------|
Intro: G* C D x2 G C D someone's late. i'll wait. in time, time will show. G C D someone's cashed in. chances are where chips fall. G C D someone's sunset is someone's moonrise. G C D someone's red lips speak to someone's blue eyes. Am D G and some may run. and some know fear. Em Am and some wade in a while and let the murky waters clear. D and some just smile. Pont: G* D C x2 G C D someone should go. he's waiting on a kind hand. G C D someone should say, "he's waiting in quicksand". G C D someone's less proud; a crowd surrounds a chalk line. G C D someone's too loud. sermons save their blood wine. Am D G and some may hope. and some may pray. Em Am and some talk trash. let the talkers have their day. D G and some fuck scared, and some suck sad. Em Am and some see their station staying still and going mad. D and some just smile. G* D C x2 G C D someone makes love. love makes someone. G C D someone gives love. someone takes none. Am D G and some may pass. and some may hold. Em Am and some grow ageless while their body's growing old. D G and they just smile. they just smile. Em Am they just smile. they just smile. D they just smile. Outro: G* D C
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