He chords with lyrics by Tammy Wynette - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Tammy Wynette – He chords

G Bm C GHe can turn the tides and calm the angry sea;
Am Em Am B7He alone decides who writes a symphony;
C Cm G Bm EmHe lights every star that makes our darkness bright;
F# Bm Am7 DHe keeps watch all through each long and lonely night;
G Em Am7 D He still finds the time to hear a child's first prayer;
Am7 D GSaint or sinner calls and always finds him there.
D# G BmThough it makes him sad to see the way we live,
Am7 D GHe'll always say, "I forgive."
He can grant a wish or make a dream come true; He can paint the clouds and turn to gray the blue; He alone knows where to find a rainbow's end; He alone can see what lies beyond the bend; He can touch a tree and turn the leaves to gold; He knows every lie that you and I have told. Though it makes him sad to see the way we live, He'll always say, "I forgive." by: José Duarte jtduarte1@gmail.com
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