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Tammy Wynette – Keep Me In Mind chords

Keep Me In Mind

Bb Fm Bb When everything right seems to go wrong
D# G#Your heart waits to sing but it can't find a song
Bb Dm G C7 FWhen it seems that the world has left you behind, keep me in mind
When you think that life is just passing you by You look but you can't find a reason to try When it seems that a friend is so hard to find keep me in mind
D# F Bb Bb7 Keep me in mind cause I'll never stop loving you
D#And as long as I live I'll have love to give
C7 F F7 And I'll give it all to you, just you
When the dreams that you've chased have all gotten away And you stand at the end of a long lonely day You'll never be far from these arms of mine keep me in mind by: José Duarte
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