Tammy Wynette – Good chords

C G C G G7 CI was a waitress in a barroom no future in sight
G A7 D7And he was just lonely when he came there that night
G G7 CThen someone played the jukebox and he asked me to dance
G D7 G7And when he softly held me I thought it's my chance
C FTo be good like I want to be, that's what he's saw in me
C D7 G7Not just a girl on the wrong side of town
C FGood like I used to be, he brought it out in me
C G7 CAnd that's when I promised that I'd never let him down
Now I'm back here in a barroom a waitress again The good world I've lived in just came to an end For temptation comes easy to a woman like me And regardless of my chances I know that I'll never be Good like I used to be, I guess it's just not in me With all my heart how I wish I could have been Good like he wanted me but good is what I'll never be And now I know that he's gone for good by: José Duarte jtduarte1@gmail.com
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