Taste – Blister On The Moon tab

Near enough played entirely with A shape barre chords.

INTRO: E - D / E - D / E - G - - D / E - G - C - D
THEN: E E improv in Em pentatonic × 4 Listen to get the chord changes to make it sound right. E Everyone is saying what to do and what to think D And when to ask permission when you feel you want to blink E First look left and then look right and now look straight ahead D Make sure and take a warning of every word we've said C > D / C > D / C > D / C D E Now you lay you down to sleep make sure and get some rest D Tomorrow is another day and you must pass the test E Don't try and think too different, now what we say is best D Listen little man you're no better than the rest E - G - C - D / E - G - C - D / E - G - C - D / E - G - C - D - appregiate on ADG and it'll sound good D G G > > B Don't lay beside the wayside all around the road we’ve set D G G > > B Smile and look happy fool or we'll throw you in the wet (LYRIC could be ‘happyful’ which I quite like) Now if you learn your lesson well and step upon the line Save your breath until forever we should get along just fine We'll bend your heart until it breaks make sure you feel no pain We'll be the one to crush you and give you to the rain But now you want to run away oh can I see you run Run across the frozen air try resting on the sun And if you feel it burn you don't yell out in pain Or wish you had a velvet sponge full of soothing rain So let's have that stiff upper lip now take a long deep breath Close your ears you cannot hear the rules are all pre-set You thought we were illusions but we meant the word we said We're in command, you tiny fly, we'll crush you till you're dead
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