Taylor Swift - Ronan tab

 Here's my take at the picking:) Some parts I hear the high e
being picked, so the C and Am chords do change up a bit, only
sometimes. But it still sounds good if you just continue the
same pattern w/o the high e.

****I'm not gonna tab this throughout (at least not now), it just 
repeats. It's simply learning the pattern for each chord, then 
you're good to go:)  If I have enought pm's to tab throughout, 
well you know me, I'll do it, lol! Let me know:)**** 

Have fun:)

Standard Tuning 
No Capo

Intro- C Am F e|------------------------------------------0-------------|B|--------1-------------1-------------1-----------1-------|G|------0---0-0-------2---2-2-------2--2--------2---2-----|D|-----------2-------------2------3-----3-----------------|A|----3-------------0-------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------|
C Am F e|--------------------------0---------------0-------------|B|--------1-------------1----1--------1-------------------|G|------0---0-0-------2---2---------2--2------------------|D|-----------2--------------------3-----3-----------------|A|----3-------------0-------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------|
Verse- C Am F e|-------------------------------------------0------------|B|--------1-------------1-------------1-------------------|G|------0---0-0-------2---2-2-------2--2------------------|x2D|-----------2-------------2------3-----3-----------------|A|----3-------------0-------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------|
C Am F I remember you barefeet, down the hallway C I remember your little laugh Am Race cars on the kitchen floor F Plastic dinosaurs, I love you to the moon and-
C Am F e|--------0-------------0-------------------0-------------|B|----------1-1-----------1-1---------1-------------------|G|------0----0--------2----2--------2--2------------------|D|--------------------------------3-----3-----------------|A|----3-------------0-------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------|
C Am F Back
C Am F C/Ge|-------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------1-------------1-------------1------------1-----------|G|------0---0-0-------2---2-2-------2--2----------0-0----------|D|-----------2-------------2------3-----3------------2---------|x2A|----3-------------0------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------3---------------|
C Am F I remember your blue eyes, looking into mine C/G C Like we had our own secret club Am F I remember you dancing before bedtime C/G Then jumping on me waking me-
C Am F C/Ge|--------0-------------0----------------------------------|B|----------1-1-----------1-1---------1--------------1-----|G|------0----0--------2----2--------2--2-----------0--0----|D|--------------------------------3-----3--------------0---|A|----3-------------0--------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------3----------|
C Am Up. I can still feel you hold my hand F C/G Little man, and even the moment I-
C Am F C/Ge|--------0-------------0------------------------------|B|----------1-1-----------2-2---------1----------------|G|------0----0--------2----2--------2--2---------------|D|--------------------------------3-----3--------------|A|----3-------------0----------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------3-------|
C Am Knew. You fought it hard like an army guy F C/G Remember I, leaned in and whispered to you...
F C/G C Fe|--------------------------------------------------------|B|--1------1-----------1-----------1------------1---------|G|--2----2--2--------0--0--------0--0---------2--2--------|D|--3--------3-----------0-----------0------3-----3-------|A|--3--------------------------3--------------------------|E|----------------3---------------------------------------|
F C/G C F Come on baby with me, we're gonna fly away, from here
F C/G C Am Fe|--------------------------------------------------------------0----|B|------1-----------1----------1-------------1-------------1---------|G|----2--2--------0--0-------0---0-0-------2---2-2-------2--2--------|D|--3-----3-----------0-----------2-------------2------3-----3-------|A|-------------------------3-------------0---------------------------|E|-------------3-----------------------------------------------------|
F C/G C Am F You were, my best, four years C Am F I remember the drive home when the blind hope C/G C Turned to crying and screaming "Why?" Am Flowers pile up in the worst way F C/G C No one knows what to say about a beautiful boy who died Am F And it's about to be Halloween you could be anything C/G C You wanted if you were still here Am F I remember the last day when I kissed your face C/G And whispered in your ear F C/G C F Come on baby with me, we're gonna fly away, from here C/F C F Out of this curtained room and this hospital gray, will just disappear F C/G C F Come on baby with me, we're gonna fly away, from here C/G C Am F G You were, my best, four years C Am F F Am C/G What if I'm standing in your closet trying to talk to you? F Am C/G What if I kept the hand-me-downs you won't grow into? F Am C/G And what if I really thought some miracle would see us through? F Am C/G -once What if the miracle was even getting one... moment with you? F C/G C F F C/G C F Come on baby with me, we're gonna fly away, from here F C/G C F Come on baby with me, we're gonna fly away, from here F C/G C Am F You were my best four years C Am F I remember you barefeet, down the hallway, C/G I love you to the moon and back Have fun!! cristy♥twilight
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