Taylor Swift – Red tab

Red by Taylor Swift Tab
Album : RED

Tabbed by Harry Shakespears

Alternate Tuning

Tune down Ѕ step

Low - high


note: this is my first tab, I think I tryin to make another version bout this song with
changing the tuning. Im just figure it out by myself, I think my tabs is correct but
still has little mistakes. so I hope u enjoyed it and dont forget to give some rating 
and I hope you leave a comment to let me know where my mistakes is. See yaa :)


A# Dm F C Esus4 Dm5 C5 Geb|--1----1----1----0----1-----5----3----3--|Bb|--3----3----1----1----1-----6----3----0--|Gb|--3----2----2----0----3-----7----5----0--|Db|--3----0----3----2----3-----7----5----0--|Ab|--1---------3----3----1-----5----3----2--|Eb|--------------------------------------3--|
Intro: A# Dm F
Verse 1 A# Dm Loving him is like, drivin a new Maserati
eb|-----1~-------1~-------0~---------|Bb|---3--------3--------1------------|Gb|-3--------2--------0--------------|Db|----------------------------------|Ab|----------------------------------|Eb|----------------------------------| CDown a dead and street
A# Dm Faster than the wind, passionate as sin
eb|-----1---1---1-------1---1---1-------0-------|Bb|---3-------3-------3-------3-------1---------|Gb|-3---------------2---------------0-----------|Db|---------------------------------------------|Ab|---------------------------------------------|Eb|---------------------------------------------| CEnded so suddenly
eb|---0---0-----0-----0---0----------|Bb|-1---1-----1---1-----1------------|Gb|---------0-------0----------------|Db|----------------------------------|Ab|----------------------------------|Eb|----------------------------------| A#Loving him is like, trying to change your mind
F C Once youre already flying though the free fall
A# F Like the colors in autumn so bright
C Just before they lose it all
Chorus A# F Losing him was blue, like Id never known C Missing him was dark grey, all alone A# Dm Forgetting him was like trying to know somebody C You never met A# But loving him was red Dm C Re ee ed, re ee ed, re ee ed A# Loving him was red Dm C Re ee ed, re ee ed, re ee ed Verse 2 (Palm Mute) Esus4 F Touching him was like, realizing all you ever wanted C5 Was right there in front of you Esus4 Dm5 Memorizing him was as, easy as knowing all the words C5 To your old favourite song (Palm Mute & strum) Esus4 Fighting with him was like trying to solve a Dm5 C5 Crossword and realizing theres no right answer Esus4 F Regretting him was like wishing you never found love C5 But love could be that strong Chorus A# Dm Losing him was blue, like Id never known C Missing him was dark grey, all alone Esus4 Dm Forgetting him was like trying to know somebody C You never met A# But loving him was red Dm C Re ee ed, re ee ed, Oh red, re ee ed A# Dm Burning re...ee...ed C Re..ee..ed Bridge Esus4 F Remembering him comes in flashbacks and echos Dm C Telling myself its time now gotta let go Esus4 But moving on from him is impossible F C When I still see it all in my, head Solo note: At the first solo start in the 11 fret when you bend it, you have to hold for a second and pick the note at 11 fret twice then you just release that bend. A# Dm G C And burning red
A# Dm G D Burning was re...ee...ed
A# 3times mute F 3times -mute Oh losing him was blue, like Id never known C 3times mute C 3times Missing him was dark grey, all alone A# F Forgetting him was like trying to know somebody C You never met A# Cause loving him was red Dm C Yeah, yeah, red A# Dm C Ooh burning re...ee...ed A# F C And thats why hes spinning round in my head
eb|-----------|Bb|--/13b-----|Gb|-----------|Db|-----------|Ab|-----------|Eb|-----------| DmComes back to me, burning red
F G Yeah, yeah
Outro A# -once Dm -once His love was like, driving a new Maserati
eb|-----1~-------1~-----|Bb|---3--------3--------|Gb|-3--------2----------|Db|---------------------|Ab|---------------------|Eb|---------------------| C -onceDown a dead end street..
Thats all... #Legends# ~ : let ring b : full bending r : release bending / : slide up \ : slide down v : vibrato Palm Mute : Palm Muting Strum : Struming (pluck)
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