Tea Party - Sun Going Down tab


After uploading the transcription of "Sister Awake" to the archive 
I received many requests if I have some more material. 
Well, I'm working on it. As you know, Tea Party is hard to transcribe 
if you want a detailled tab.

Here's a hint to play another cool Tea Party song. It's very
hard to transcribe slide guitar, however if you have the 
right tuning and a bottle-neck it's relative "easy" to play. 
Use your imagination and "slide" along with the CD.

- Acoustic guitar (country-western)
- Guitar tuned in C : low to high C G C G C E
- Use a (metal) bottle neck
- As heard on the album "Splendor Solis"

Example of "chords" played with bottle neck (s means slide):

Also use the 7th, 8th and 12th position. Hope this helps a bit. CU Stephan Kramer, The Netherlands Comments or lyrics welcome, mail to sc.kramer@technet.iaf.nl
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