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Date: Wed, 13 Mar 1996 20:07:27 -0500
From: girofra@CAM.ORG (Gilbert Girard)

Title:         The Bazaar
Group:        The Tea Party
Album:         The Edges of Twilight
Written by:     Jeff Martin
Transcripted by: Robin Servant

  This song has a profound indian root.  To get the timing right (it is 
  pretty tricky) listen to the CD or the cassette...  
  I hope it will help...

intro: this part is played on a weird instrument.  I transposed it on guitar 
the best i could...

INTROlet ring play this 3 times then |------------------|-----------------------------------------------------|------------------|-----------------------------------------------------|-12----9----11----|------12----11-7--11-12~~-11-9--11-12---11-12--11-12-|-x-----x----x--11-|------x-----x--x--x--x-------------------------------|-10----7----9--x--|------10----9--7--9--10~~-9--7--9--10---9--10--9--10-|---------------9--|-----------------------------------------------------
Here comes the heavy part
[ riff 1 ] |------------------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------|-9-9-9-9--9-11-7--7-9-6-------------------------------------------------|------------------------9---7-7-7-5-7-9--5-5-5-5-5-4-2------------------
[ riff 2 ] |------------------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------|--------------------7-7-7-7--7-9-6--6-7-6-4~~---------------------------|-7-7-7-7-77-5-7-9-------------------------------------------------------
[ riff 3 ] |------------------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------|-7-7-7-77-5-7-9--7-7-7-7-5-7-9--5-5-5-5-5-4-2---------------------------
|------------------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------------------------for the verses, strum the chords when they are written and let them ring.for better results, play power chords or barre chords.
INTRO Riff 1 2x Riff 2 Riff 3 F# Silence swimming in a pool of dreams Beneath its depths the forgotten streams F# Above, the city of the evening star Behind its walls, the grand bazaar C# D B C# As she walks through its endless maze B B# A B Cursing those who mistrust her ways F# Please my friend no matter what she sees Tell my lover come back to me [play riff 1 here 2x] F# Doorways spilling out their sombre light Casting shadows that will raid the night F# Along the alleys of her ruling fears Walk the visions that will cause her tears C# D B C# Lying still as she wills her glance B B# A B Through the eyes of a charmer's trance F# Please my friend no matter what she sees Tell my lover come back to me [play riff 1 again. 2x] [play riff 2] [play riff 3] Bridge: play the intro over those lyrics And on the walls Shadows play Twilight souls Anguished ways Lost adrift Severed seas I await you Come to me riff 1 2x riff 2 riff 3 repeat first verse riff 1 2x riff 2 riff 3 at the end riff 3 ends slightly diffently from the other times. I don't have my guitar with me and I dont remember it :( but u should be abble to figure it out... thats it for now... Send you (many) corrections and (bad) comments to: Girofra@cam.com Thanx Robin
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