Tears For Fears – Swords And Knives tab


  Em7    Bb       G       Dm
A waking world of innocence
   Em7         Bb         G   Dm
So grave those first born cries
     D#     Csus2     D#          Csus2
When life begins with needles and pins
   Em7       Bb         G    Dm
It ends with swords and knives
   Em7    Bb      G      Dm
Oh danger man, oh danger man
     Em7        Bb     G   Dm
Your blade fits like a glove
     D#        Csus2
When forged in steel
     D#     Csus2
Time cannot heal
     Em7       Bb      G  Dm
That blood red bond of love

   D#                         Csus2
In times of trouble you're an open book
         D#            Csus2
With the change in the way you look
         Em7            Bb             G         Dm
And it's sad love's not enough to make things better


Turn the tables, we'll burn the fables
Lies beneath the visions and daydreams
Fooled by now, we mystify the past
Like a dream, like it never happened

When life begins with needles and pins
it ends with Swords and Knives
God save those born to die
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