Ted Nugent – Take It Or Leave It tab

                        Take it or leave it-Ted Nugent
I only tabbed out the rhythm but fell free to tab out the solo if you can

Intro:E----------| play this in time with the song until he says “take it”B----------|G----------|D---2-2-2--|A---0-0-0--|E----------|
Chorus:E----------------------|B----------------------|G----------------------|D-9-9-7-7--------------|A-7-7-5-5- --5-5-7-7---|E------------3-3-5-5---|
Verse:E--------------------|B--------------------|G--------------------| play this for the whole verse then go back to the chorusD-- 5-5/7-7-7--------|A-- 5-5/7-7-7--------|E---3-3/5-5-5--------|
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