Tedashii – Last Goodbye chords

Last Goodbye
Tedashii (feat. Benjah)

Chords: C, D, Em, C, D, Em, D for the whole song[Intro]
I don't wanna be alone (x6) Goodbye......Goodbye [Verse 1] Uh, tears hit her cheeks, like Tyson's glove, Pain hit his heart, as she fights for love, She says don't go, but the call came, It's time to deploy, and they called his name, Close to zero five-hundred, her mind starts wanderin’ Butterflies, tummy starts rumblin’, Queasy, uneasy, tryin’ to hold it all together, She doesn't want their last moments here to be unpleasant, The car ride is quiet, outside it's hard to fight it, Inside it's like she's dyin’, that's when she started cryin’, He tries to comfort her, "Baby, it's alright" "Liar!" That's what she screams louder from the thoughts of fight, They pray, it's okay, "I'll promise that I'll be safe" uhh, That's what he tells her as he looks her in the face and as he walks away, lookin’ in her eye Last kiss as they say... [Chorus] I pray this is not our last goodbye...... Goodbye (x2) [Verse 2] Uh, graduation; her nine weeks are done Hoo-rah, Hooplah, now it's time to move on Leavin' out of basic, she just got her assignment She's headed off to war and it's hard for her to face it (or face her), the daughter that she's leavin It's hard to come to terms with the truth, no one believes it And even when it's starin’ in ya face, you don't receive it, She hears “mommy”, and it's just like her heart stopped beatin’ (beatin’...beatin’) inhales heavy breathin’ Worried when she leaves she may not be back to see them, Her baby girl, and the family that she loves Tryin’ to hold back the tears right now is tough She fights to stay strong, gotta hold on She says a prayer, just tryin’ to find a calm Thoughts of eternity, then back to reality And then she tells her family... [Chorus] I pray this is not our last goodbye...Goodbye (x2) I don't want to be alone, I don’t wan...I don’t wanna be alone..No (x8) You can learn more about Tedashii at this page: http://reachrecords.com/artists/show/Tedashii
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