Tegan And Sara – So Jealous chords

After looking at the other versions and watching a bunch of live performances, I'd say 
this is pretty accurate.


F#"Don't wanna be..."
A#m"Part of the problem..."
C#"I try so hard...to get roughed up."
_______________________________ Pre-Chorus:
D"I want the ocean right now..." x2
_______________________________ Chorus: F#* (9 9 11 11 X X) "I get so jealous, that I" D* (5 5 7 7 X X) "can't even work" (x2) _______________________________ Post Chorus: E* (7 7 9 9 X X) "There I am in the morning" D* "I don't like what I see" _______________________________ Just repeat each of those parts over again and that's it! If you want to make the verse sound a little bit more interesting, put a capo on the first fret and play open on the E when the line "to get roughed up" is sung. Same applies for the other verse(s) Any corrections, just email me. mgenese10201@yahoo.com
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