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Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 20:28:47 -0500 (EST)
Subject: TAB: by Telegraph

Song: After the Show
Band: Telegraph
Album: 10 Songs and More (1997)
Written by Telegraph
Transcribed by Luke Knox (

Intro bass riff on guitar:E-----------------------------|B-----------------------------|G-----------------------------|D----------2------------------|A--------2---2-0-0------------|E--0-4-4-----------4-4-2-2-0--|
[Intro]:Bass riff, then play:E--------------|B--------------|G--7-------9---|D--7---7---9---|A--5---7---7---|E------5-------| D A Eii
Intro goes: Riff -> D A Eii Riff -> D A Eii Riff -> D A Eii Riff -> D A
Then go into Chorus: (Play this 4x)E-------------------|B-------------------|G--9---7------------|D--9---7---7-/6\7---|A--7---5---7-/6\7---|E----------5-/4\5---| Eii D A G#-A
[Verse]: E A E A E A EE--4-4---5-5---4-4---5-5---4-4---5-5---4-4-------|B--5-5---5-5---5-5---5-5---5-5---5-5---5-5-------|G--4-4---6-6---4-4---6-6---4-4---6-6---4-4-------|D--------7-7---------7-7---------7-7----------7--| (go intoA---------------------------------------------7--| chorus)E---------------------------------------------5--|
A[Break]: F# A B F# A B F# A BE--2-2---5-5---7-7---2-2---5-5---7-7---2-2---5-5---7-7---|B--2-2---5-5---7-7---2-2---5-5---7-7---2-2---5-5---7-7---|G--3-3---6-6---8-8---3-3---6-6---8-8---3-3---6-6---8-8---|D--4-4---7-7---9-9---4-4---7-7---9-9---4-4---7-7---9-9---|A--------------------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------------------|
(break con't.) F# AE--2-2---5-5-------|B--2-2---5-5-------|G--3-3---6-6-------|D--4-4---7-7---9---|A--------------9---|E--------------7---| B
[Bridge] is played over chorus chords. Song order: Intro, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Break, Chorus, Bridge, Verse, Chorus, Bridge. Lyrics: (my own interpretation) (Chorus) After the show (4x) (Verse) See this 'cause she's outside in line. She might as well be a million miles away. Cause I'm inside, running the sound check. Crowd comes in and we have to play. Looks familiar, yeah no one like her. It that guy with her? Yeah I've gotta know. Too many people I can't find her. I guess I'll have to wait till (Chorus) (Verse) I must say she's out there somewhere. Dancing to the rhythym I'm in sync with the beat. I finally see her in the cool lights, my mind racing when our eyes meet. Official t-shirt and a pass. It's just the second song but I wanna go. The music's bumping, she's out there jumping. Someone we'll have to see (Chorus) (Break) Keep it on, keep it on. (Chorus) (Bridge) Another night, oh another place. But she's not just another face. When the music's over the bedlam done, I finally find her but she's with someone, say (Verse) seems bad cause she's headed out now. Has some place to be and that will be home. Seems like the rise and time to roll up, so I don't find the band and I'm still alone. Staring at my shoes they look so old now. Pain everywhere with no place to go. These rubber soles from the last town still sitting in the ride. (Chorus) (Bridge) Another night, oh another place. I realize it's just another face. When the musics's over and the bedlam done, it doesn't matter that you're with someone. Hey! That's it. I know the lyrics need some work, and I would appreciate any help on those. Please e-mail me with any changes, comments, requests, or to talk about the best band around today, Telegraph! Thanx Luke
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