Telegraph – Carry On tab

Intro: groovy bass riff

Chords used: B E F#E--2---4---2---|B--4---5---2---|G--4---4---3---|D--4---x---4---|A--x---x---x---|E--x---x---x---|
Verse and Bridge: B E B F# (repeated) Chorus: E F# E F# (repeated) Lyrics: (my own interpretation, NOT perfect!) (Verse): Bent shyly, hundreds of miles away my bed is warm it waits for me. Lost in Chicago, no money in my pocket and the rain on my face. (Chorus): And carry on they say to me. And carry on they saaayyyyyy. (Verse): The Elroys lost my flyer 'till they picked up the show and wouldn't you know that, No-one can tell me, and even if they do well I don't understand, no. (Chorus) (Verse): Drunk in Belmont, she laughs at something in a doughnut shop, well I like her smile, yeah. Coffee sounds good, but that kiss has me changing my mind, no. (Chorus) (Bridge): You don't know nobody, no but still they go on and I know it's so blind. (Chorus) End on a B, bass does the outro.
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