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Date: Mon, 29 Dec 1997 10:13:08 -0500 (EST)
Subject: CRD: rude_girl.crd by Telegraph

Song: Rude Girl
Band: Telegraph (formerly the Skolars)
Album: 10 Songs and more (1997)
Written by Derek Grant and the SKO's
Transcribed by Luke Knox (

This is a great song by ska stars Telegraph, known until recently as the
Skolars.  It's a cover of an SKO song.

Intro:(2x) G CE---3---8---|B---3---8---|G---4---9---|D---5--10---|A-----------|E-----------|
Verse: G C D CE---3---3---5---3---|B---3---5---7---5---|G---4---5---7---5---|D---5---5---7---5---|A-------------------|E-------------------|
Break: Em D C G C G C DE---7---5---3---3---3---3---3---5---|B---8---7---5---3---5---3---5---7---|G---9---7---5---4---5---4---5---7---|D---9---7---5---5---5---5---5---7---|A-----------------------------------|E-----------------------------------|
End: ("That's what I say. . .") G C G DE---3---3---3---5---|B---3---5---3---7---|G---4---5---4---7---|D---5---5---5---7---|A-------------------|E-------------------|
[Lyrics], my version of them, probably not perfect. (Verse): Rude Girl don't make me cry. Why do you do the things you do when you pass me by? Is there a reason why you find it funny to bring tears to my eyes. I meet you at the club. I try to tell you that I think I'm in love. You walked away from me. The rest of the night well I do not see you at all. (Break) (Verse): While the Exceptions played, I stayed and you wondered why I was afraid. Because I'm next to you, I'll tell you the truth, and nothing but. I fucked it up once again. You walked away with another man. What's a Rude Boy to do when hecan't get, when he can't get, when he can't get next to you? (Break): I can't get next to you, whoa no. (Verse): Rude Girl don't make me sad. I think you do the things you do just to make me mad. I think that I have been had. At least I know now that love is bad. Say you're the queen of ska. I don't think you really know who you are. You are the one that I want. When push comes to shove, that's what I say. (End): That's what I say. . . . RUDE - GIRL! That's it! I hope the chords sound right to you, and that you will buy the CD if you don't already have it. E-mail me with any questions, comments, etc. Luke
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