Television – Marquee Moon tab

Riff: BmTom: ---7 p 5 h 7 p 5 h 7 p 5 h 7 p 5 h 7-------| ---7 p 5 h 7 p 5 h 7 p 5 h 7 p 5 h 7-------| -------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------|
Richard: -------------------------------------------| ---3---3---3---3---3---3---3---3-----------| ---4---4---4---4---4---4---4---4-----------| -------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------|
D7 -------------------------------------------| ---7 p 5 h 7 p 5 h 7 p 5 h 7 p 5 h 7-------|Tom: ---7 p 5 h 7 p 5 h 7 p 5 h 7 p 5 h 7-------| -------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------|
Richard: -------------------------------------------| ---3---3---3---3---3---3---3---3-----------| ---2---2---2---2---2---2---2---2-----------| -------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------|
I don't think I've got the timing right above, so you'll have to listen real closely. Richard's part goes for a beat or a part of a beat before Tom's. Most of the song is this riff. The second solo (jam) is over that. Little scale part:
Play 3x last timeTom: --------------10-8-7------|-----10-8-7-------------| ------7-8-10-7------10-8-7|-7-8--------10-8-7------| --sl/9--------------------|--------------------9-7-| --------------------------|------------------------| --------------------------|------------------------| --------------------------|------------------------|Richard: Em C Am Am
I misremember the chords under this scale, so check them. Then the Life in the hive... part (listen to vocal): |D C|, with someone playing notes from the D mixolydian scale (Tom?), ended with Gmaj7 chord and the following riff (Tom?):
Tom: ------------8-p-7--------------------------| ------------------7------------------------| --------------------7----------------------| -------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------|
The first solo (Tom) is a set of three scales with pauses in between, played with alone, each in D mixolydian. The first starts on 15th fret D on the B string and ends on 9th fret F# on the A string. It covers all notes in between. The second starts on 10th fret A on the B string and goes to 5th fret D on the A string (then slides to 9th fret F#). Listen closely to the song to catch the repeats. I don't have a guitar here, so I can't check it to be sure and can't exactly remember what to do here. :( The third part is:
vTom: -----19-19-19-19-17-15-17-19-17-15-17-19-17-15-17---22----| ----------------------------------------------------------| ----------------------------------------------------------| ----------------------------------------------------------| ----------------------------------------------------------| ----------------------------------------------------------|
("v" indicates staccato with pause)
Tom: ------------8-p-7--------------------------| ------------------7------------------------| --------------------7----------------------| -------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------|
Second verse..., same as the first. Second solo is over the main riff and is in D mixolydian. It starts slowly and builds to a massive climax. The solo is one massive improv--Tom goes pretty crazy through this part. Afterwards there are some chords, but I can't remember what they are--nothing complicated, however.
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