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Date: Thu, 15 Feb 1996 23:25:34 -0500 (EST)
From: Patrick Niedermeier 
Subject: TAB: "Four Walled World" by Temple of the Dog

"Four Walled World" by Temple of the Dog

Transcribed by Patrick Niedermeier

Main Riff:

When Chris Cornell starts singing, just play:
"Well, she cried...e------------------0--|b---------------0--3--|g---------------------|d----------3b4--------|a---------------------|e---------------------|
"In my four... ...walled world"e----/7-7-7-7\--5-5-- e-3-3--|b----/7-7-7-7\--5-5-- x3 then b-3-3--|g----/7-7-7-7\--6-6-- g-0-0--| etc.d-------------------- d------|a-------------------- a------|e-------------------- e------|
----------------------------------\- "my fo-o-o-o-o-o-o-r walled world"e--/10-10-12-10\-/9-9\--/7-7-7-7--\b--/10-10-10-10\-/9-9\--/7-7-7-7--\g--/10-10-10-10\-/9-9\--/7-7-7-7--\d---------------------------------\a---------------------------------\e---------------------------------\
It sounds like Stone or whomever is playing the chorus and outro is using a slide, so I've indicated that with slide marks. Just listen to the song to get the feel of it. There is a solo...if anyone has any ideas, please send them in. If you have any suggestions, comments, questions, etc., feel free to e-mail me at niedermp@tony.bc.edu. Thanks, and enjoy!
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