Temple Of The Dog - Times Of Trouble tab version 1

			     Times Of Trouble - Temple Of The Dog
Tabbed by: Madison In Chains

Tuning:Standard EADGBe

Verse/ Intro-Intro has open notes from the D-e strings instead of open G& De|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-------0------------------------------------------------------------------|D|------------0-------------------------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-1-1h3--------1-----------------------------------------------------------|
Lyrics V1: When the spoon is hot And the needle's sharp And you drift away I can hear you say That the world in black Is upon your back And your body shakes So you ditch away And you close the shades V2: When you try to talk And the words get hard And they put you down Don't you stay Don't you ditch away
Chorus- Stone strums the last chord many timese|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---1--3--3-----------------1-----------------------------------------------|G|---0--0--0--x2-------------0-----------------------------------------------|D|---2--2--4------2--2-2-2---2-- then back again-----------------------------|A|---3--3--5------2--2-2-2---3-----------------------------------------------|E|----------------0--0-0-0---------------------------------------------------|
Lyrics C1: Don't try to do it Don't try to kill your time You might do it Then you can't change your mind You've got a hold on to your time Till your break through these Times of trouble C2: I saw you swinging Swinging your mother's sword I know you're playing but Sometimes the rules get hard But if... Outro: im going to give you the chords here it'll be easier than tabs. Em F#m G A somebody left you out on a ledge Em F#m G A If somebody pushed you over the edge Em F#m G A If somebody loved you and left you for dead Em F#m G A You got to hold on to your time till you break * Through these times of trouble
* parte|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|--0-----------------------------------------------------------------------|D|----0---------------------------------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-----1--------------------------------------------------------------------|
Then its back to the verse from their and the harmonica solo Then it's the Chorus & Outro again but instead of the * part it's the Verse again with a strum
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