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Ten Years After – Let The Sky Fall tab

Riff 1e---|----------------|----------------|B---|----------------|----------------|G---|----------------|----------------|D---|0h2-2-2-2-0-----|----------------|A---|------------2-0-|--------0-------|E---|----------------|3---0-----------|
Riff 2e---|----------------|----------------|B---|----------------|----------------|G---|0h2-2-2-2-0-----|----------------|D---|------------2-0-|----0-----------|A---|----------------|0h2-------------|E---|----------------|--------0-------| Letthe sky fall
Alternate riff 1 and riff 2 for each verse line Verse 1 Verse 2 Verse 3 Let the sky fall Let the air freeze Let our love be Let the sea sink Let the moon cry With our minds Free Let the earth sake Let the stars go out Let our hearts beat Let the sun blink Let the world die Let our eyes see Let the universe Let my eyes go blind Let the universe Go spinning free Let the grass turn blue Share our love If my darling If I ever think Let me be Ever leaves me Of leaving you What you're thinking of
At the end of each verse - Riff 3 G D Ae---|----------------|----------------|B---|------7---------|----------------|G---|4-----7-----4---|----------------|D---|5-----7-----7---|----------------|A---|5-----5-----7---|----------------|E---|3-----------5---|----------------|
D A Ee---|----------------|----------------|B---|7---------------|----------------|G---|7-----6-----2---|----------------|D---|7-----7-----3---|----------------|A---|5-----7-----3---|----------------|E---|------5-----0---|----------------|
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