Ten2five – Love Is You chords

Intro : CFC – FC – G

This is how I feel
AmEmWhenever I’m with you
FEmEverything is all about you
DmGToo good to be true
CGSomehow I just can’t believe
AmEmYou can lay your eyes on me
FEmIf this is a fairytale
DmGI wish it will end happily
FEmEven though we are apart
DmCI can feel you here next to me
FEmHere and now I will vow
DmGStay with me
CGLet me love you
AmEmWith all my heart
FEmYou are the one for me
DmGYou are the light in my soul
CGLet me hold you
AmEmWith my arms
FEmI wanna feel love again
DmCI wanna feel love again
FEmI wanna feel love again
DmCuz I know
GCLove is you
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