5 Needs chords with lyrics by Tenacious D - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Tenacious D – 5 Needs chords

Intro : Dsus9 D D5 F#m F#m/E F# F#/E F# G Asus4 A D x2JB:(talk while intro) This one goes to all the D-ciples out there on the
journey that we call life. You know there's only five needs, and Kyle and I have compiled them, and woven the into song, a song that we like to call the 5 Needs
Dsus9 D D5First you need the planet
F#m F#m/E F# F#/E F#Earth beneath your feet
G Asus4 A DYou couldn't live an instant without that
Dsus9 D D5Then you need the air
F#m F#m/E F#m F#m/E F#mOxygen to breath
G Asus4 A DYou couldn't live five minutes without that
F#m GThen, you need the water
F#m G The icy cold waters
G Asus4 A D GNow, you need some looove (love)
G Asus4 A D G Asus4 A D (let ring) You need some looove (love)
G Asus4 A DWe only wanted to rock your world (we hope that we rocked your world)
G Asus4 A DThe fifth need is to rock your world (we really wanna rock your world)
G Asus4 AIt comes before food
D5Fliga gwiiing
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