Hope chords with lyrics by Tenacious D - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Tenacious D – Hope chords

D  G  D  G

DHope is a doggy
GA sweet doggy
D GStanding next to a rose
D GA flower grows in the soil
G Bm7There's still hope for life to exist
Em7For us to survive
Bm7 E7To thrive and survive
AAnd find a way to live our lives
A7And live through this nuclear holocaust
DLet's get it on
G DHow will we survive?
G BmWith a little luck
EAnd patience
BmAnd know-how
E7And love
AWe will survive
AThe nuclear holocaust
A DYeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
G EmWe will survive
AAnd we will thrive
D GMust stay alive and we will strive
Em ATo make it to the top of the mountain
C GThere shall be dragons and there shall be gorgons
D AThere shall be many beasts with no name
C G AOur trusty doggy will be there to save the day
AHope will find a way
A D G D G Dmaj7Hope will find a way
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