Tenacious D – Take Us Into Space chords

Am F GYou gotta take us into space
Am F GWe gotta save the human race
Am F G EBut first you gotta let us say goodbye
C Am C AmGoodbye mother earth, you served us well
C AmYour rolling hills, your gorgeous lakes
Em GYou have been swell
C Am C AmYour fucking flowers, your fresh breeze
C AmYour blue skies all day
C AmYour twinkling stars, your northern lights
Em GIt's time to go away
F GMe and KG are going into space
C G/B AmAnd we are never coming home again
FWe're gonna miss you, we'll never kiss you
G CWe're gonna go have lots of sex in space
CSex in space
C AmFarewell my friend
C AmWe're to the earth again
C Am EmWe're gonna party with Elon Musk in space
GAh-ah-ha yeah
C AmRichard Branson partying hard
C AmWe're gonna kick it with him
C Am EmWe're gonna drink some space juice mixed with gin
GOh yeah
F GWe're partying in space to save the human race
C G/B AmWe're gonna have to shoot some goo
FWe're cumming in space
G CWe're cumming inside of you
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