Tenth Avenue North – Love Is Here chords ver. 2

This is the part that Jeff plays on electric: cleanIntro:eb:-----------0---------------------0--------(--------0--------)-----:Bb:-------8-----8---8-----------8-----8---8--(----8-----8---8--)-----:Gb:-----5---5-----5-----------5---5-----5----(--5---5-----5----)-----:Db:---7--------------------------------------------------------------:Ab:-------------------------7----------------(8----------------)x2---:Eb:---:Played through intro, verses, pre-choruses, and outro.
Chorus: C F Am G F x2 Bridge: F C Dm G x2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- And For those of you who just want to play chords the whole way through: This is the part that Mike plays on acoustic: Intro: Am C F x2 Verse 1:
Am C FCome to the water, you who thirst
Am C FAnd you'll thirst no more
Am C FCome to the father, you who work
Am C Fand you'll work no more
G Am FAnd all you who labor in vain
G Am FAnd to the broken and shamed
C FLove is here, love is now
Am G FLove is pouring from his hands and from his brow
C FLove is near, it satisfies
(Am G F)(Streams of mercy flowing from his side) ((repeat in the last chorus))
Am C F'Cause love is here
Verse 2:
Am C FCome to the treasure, You who search
Am C FAnd you'll search no more
Am C FCome to the lover, you who want
Am C FAnd you'll want no more
((Pre-chorus & chorus)) Bridge:
FAnd to the bruised and fallen
CThe captives, bound and the broken hearted
Dm GHe is the Lord, He is the Lord, yeah
FBy his stripes hes paid all ransom
CFrom his wounds we drink salvation
Dm GHe is the lord, He is the Lord
((Chorus)) Outro:
Am C FCause Love is here oh, o-oh
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