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Tenth Avenue North – Im Listening chords

G Em

[Verse 1]
EmWhy didn't anyone believe
D CA single word when you said it was
G D C It was your father's friend
EmYeah, only fourteen, life goes on
D CWho knows, you prob'ly brought this on yourself
G D CIt's better not to tell
G Em D GMother, mother, how many tears have you cried?
Em D C DMother, I will listen to you tonight to the truth
G Em D GMother, how many years before you could breathe?
Em D CMother, I won't turn away when you speak
D Em D EmI'm listening, I'm listening
[Verse 2]
EmTo a daughter now it happens too
G D CFreshman year, he's waiting in your bed
G D CSuppose to be a friend
EmYou tried to forget the way you felt
D CYou fought, but he forced himself on you
G D CHe left you black and blue
G Em D GSister, why did nobody trust your cries?
Em D C DSister, I will listen to you tonight to the truth
G Em D GSister, you are braver than you believed
Em D CTogether we will find a way to healing
D Em D EmI'm listening, I'm listening
Em DAnd brother, where could you go?
CHonestly, we don't know what to do
AmWhen a teacher takes what he took from you
Em GAnd brother, where could you run?
CShame turned you silent and made a prison
AmCould you learn to speak again
C AmIf we were only listening?
G Em D GBrother, there is freedom for you to cry
Em D C DBrother, I will listen to you tonight to the truth
G Em D GBrother, I pray you can begin to breathe
G Em D CBrother, please don't, don't be afraid to speak
D Em D AmI'm listening, I'm listening,
G C DI'm listening, I'm listening
I'm listening
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