Tenth Avenue North – Hallelujah chords

This is played in a higher key than the actual key the original is in the key of E. I 
have the tabs for C though I think that this is right.

Tenth Avenue North
Key C

Intro x7 Verse 1e|-17-15----17-15----17-15----17-15----17-15-12-15-|--13--3-5-8-1-3-5-3-----|B|-------13-------13-------13-------13-------------|------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------------|------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------------|------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------------|------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------|------------------------|
after this is goes to chords, if you listen you will hear that in the Pre Chorus it hits them once, then it strums during the Chorus and during the Second Verse the whole Chord is held but only certain strings are played instead of playing the whole chord. hope this helps Acoustic plays these Chords during the intro Intro: Am F C G Verse 1:
F G AmAt first I am afraid, but not because of fear
C FBut the holy of holies is drawing me near
G Am G/BYour voice like thunder shakes the ground I’m on
F G FSo I hide my face in the shadow of Your wings O Lord
G FI hide my sin from the beauty here before Your throne
GYour throne
CHallelujah for the blood of the Lamb that was slain
Am (Dm last x)Hallelujah for the blood of the Lamb that was slain
FAnd so we, enter in to see Your face
C GEnter in to see Your face O God
Verse 2:
F G AmI’m falling to my knees, I feel the earth beneath
C FWith the weight of my sin and this crushing unbelief
G AmHow could You really love me with all that I’ve done?
G/BO Lord
Bridge: Am F C G
Am FYou spread Your hands and made a refuge for the weak and blessed
C G Am F C The weary, bruised and broken took our sin
G Dminside Your wounds we hide away
F Inside Your wounds we hide
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