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Teo – Uno Dos chords


(Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro)
G#madd11 Fm F#m7 G#
G#madd11 Fm F#m7 G#

[Chorus: Teo]
Your scars show you signs
FmYour love's only blind when you
F#m7 G#Lose track of time
[Verse 1: Teo] G#madd11 Delay, delay the story, delay (delay
FmAway, we going awa
F#m7 G#In time I said
G#madd11 Can't hold you down again, my bab Hold you down again, I won' 'Round again we rolling and around again we g
Fm F#m7 G#I know you've grown wings from your pai
Ay-yi-y [Bridge: Teo] G#madd11 I see you soarin', my lov
FmI see you soarin', my lov
F#m7I see you soarin', my lov
G#I see you soarin', my lov
My love, my love, mi amo [Chorus: Teo] G#madd11 Your scars show you su
FmYour love's only blind when yo
F#m7 G#Lose track of tim
Ay-yi-y [Verse 2: Teo] G#madd11 Ay que rabia, o
FmI need time alone (por favor
F#m7I'll be fine I'm sur
G#She loped me up and o
G#madd11 She got me down and sedate Hopped on my—and fellate I know it's a bit overrate Your better off if we waite
FmWe're better off when we fade
She like to say we're relate
F#m7Her body's a temple, it’s gate
G#I'm 'bout to run up on the crib and grenade it (whoa
[Verse 3: Jaden Smith] G#madd11 In Medellín, I need a finc And a sexy mamacit You look good in those Adida Tell the paparazzi "please stop
FmAnd we ain't even packin heater
Applebum like Bonit
F#m7Marinilla if you need u
G#She whisper "papi" like a secret (ooh
G#madd11 These white jokers always lyin' wel Got that boss for them that's my clientel Man, I got a secret I will never tel Last one I did, saw him die in jai
FmBut, I'm by the pool living hella wel
F#m7Got SYRE coming and they well awar
G#Then I'm on the way straight to Delawar
G#madd11 Man you always winning you should try and fai MSFTS music, they losin [Outro: Teo]
Fm F#m7Soarin', my lo
G#My love, mi am
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