Terence Trent D'arby – Delicate chords

TERENCE TRET D’ARBY                                           DELICATE
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Main Riff: Fm, A#m, C

Fm A#m CDelicate like rain
Fm A#m CDelicate like snow
Fm A#m CDelicate like birds
Fm A#m CDelicate just soul
Fm A#m CDelicate like air
Fm A#m CDelicate like breeze
Variation: Fm, D#m, C
Fm D#m CDelicate like you and me
Main Riff: Fm, A#m, C A delicate advance A delicate retreat Delicately planned Delicate like peace Delicate like a touch That's delicately brief
Variation: Fm, D#m, CDelicate like you and me
Bridge: A#m, C, Fm
A#m C FmDelicate like trinkets on her bracelet
(Like trinkets on her bracelet)
A#m C FmDelicate like a bracelet on your arm
(Like a bracelet on your arm)
A#m C FmDelicate like sweet arms around me
(Your sweet arms around me) Variation
A#m C D#m, EmDelicate like me on top of you you
Main Riff: Fm, A#m, C Delicate like words Delicate how time So delicately runs Then delicately dies Delicate how eyes So delicately breathe Delicate like you my dear Delicate like me my love Delicate like you and Delicate like me and Delicate like Delicate like you and me
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