Terri Clark – Honky Tonk Song chords

Honky Tonk Song
By Terri Clark
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at satx.rr.com

Capo 4

A D E AOne more margarita was one bad idea
D ENow you don't know where you left your car
A D E AAnd the rent's overdue, well, imagine that
D A E AAnd you think you might die from a broken heart
D D/C# D/B D/A EWell, you've told us all your life's a total wreck
D D/C# D/B D/A EThen you might not want to hear what's comin' next
A DCause this is a honky tonk song
E AOne of those get another beer, bend another ear. somebody did somebody wrong songs
DBetween the pain and the pinin', cussin' and the cryin', it might be ten minutes long
E AHey, but that's okay, this is a honky tonk song
ANow this is for Alice way out in Dallas who got dumped at the Burger King
DAnd this is for Bobby who just quit his job, he's movin' out to Nashville to sing
EFor that long haul trucker who won't be home for supper 'Cause he's stranded on the side
of the road
D EFor everybody lonesome, everybody blue, yeah
Chorus Steel break Fiddle break It's for that good ol' boy preachin', dealin' with the Deacons and the little ladies with the beehive hair-do's And what about the waitress who don't think she can take it standin' on her feet one more night For that Nascar racer that never sees the checkered flag wavin' crazy for him For everyone who feels like they were born to lose, yeah Chorus It's when the pain and the pinin', cussin' and the cryin', this thing is goin' on forever, Lord It feels like it's ten years long Hey, but that's okay, this is a honky tonk song It's a honky tonk song Another honky tonk song
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