Terry Macalmon – My God And King chords

Title : My God and King
Artist: Terry MacAlmon
Chords by : Juscoolfella - Daryll Kyle

F BbMy God and King
C FTo You alone I sing
Dm BbYou're the face I seek
C FFor all eternity
F BbYou'd be my dream come true
C FJust to be with You
Dm BbHow I'd see brand new
C F With eyes for only You
F# BMy God and King
C# F#Through the storm I sing
Ebm BCovered by Your wing
C# F#This song of love I bring
F# BYou are my dream come true
C# F#Just to be with You
Ebm BNow I see brand new
C# F#With eyes for only You
G CYou are my dream come true
D GJust to be with You
Em CNow I see brand new
D GWith eyes for only You
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