Terry Macalmon – Holy Are You Lord chords ver. 2

Intro ( Bbmaj7 Ebmaj7 Bbmaj7 EbmJ7 )

Bbmaj7Hear the sound of heaven, like the sound of many waters
It's the sound of worship, coming from the throne. Cm7 F
Eb Bb/D Eb Bb/DThere are cries of adoration, as men from every nation
Gm Gm(Maj7) Bb/C Eb/F Eb/G F/ALift their voice to make His glory known , sing----ing
Bb Dm Eb CmHoly, holy, holy are you Lord
F F/Eb Bb/D Fm7/C BbHoly, holy, holy are you Lord
Eb F/EbThe elders and angels bow
D D/F# Gm Gm/FThe redeemed worship you now
Eb F BbHoly, holy, holy are you Lord
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