Terry Reid – To Be Treated Right tab

tab by MinstrelKnight 

Note: This is just the chords. While playing them there can be lots of different 
Just try to make it sound alive. Hope you enjoy.


Cmaj7  D Am x 2

Cmaj7  D Dm Fmaj7

Em     Em7  Am x 2

      Cmaj7	  D		Am
Oh we are what we are when in danger
      Cmaj7	  D		Am
And we are as we stand head in hand
       Cmaj7	         D
When a friend brings to light
     Dm		 Fmaj7
On a cold silver knife
	Em		      Em7      Am
You can stare your fate right into his hands
	Em		      Em7      Am    Em Em7
                              into his hands

      Cmaj7	   D		 Am
Oh we are what we are when we'll name to
       Cmaj7	   D		 Am
Be the soul-owning guardians of lands
            Cmaj7   D
And there's always advice
     Dm		   Fmaj7
On a cold winter's night
	  Em		     Em7           Am
That your dreams are just an island in the sand
	  Em	       Em7                 Am   Em 
                            Way out in the sand

	 Dsus D  Am	D
Don't it seem so strange
       Dsus D     Am    D
How it just don't change
            Dsus D   Fmaj7
Things just stay the same
	   G	      Fmaj7
As they've always been
Some of us are out to win
		    Fmaj7       Am
And some others are out just to aim
	Em	Em7		Am  Em Em7
	            out just to aim

      Cmaj7	   D		 Am
Oh we are what we are when we're praying
      Cmaj7	   D		 Am
In our own way of seeking some light
        Cmaj7	           D
May the mission bell still ring
       Dm        Fmaj7
Of the colourful dreams
       Em		   Em7             Am
In the faith that everyone will be treated right
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